Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation: for it is better to be alone than in bad company.

~ George Washington

At Cardoza and Company, we have always been able to target the appropriate markets and customers in-which a product line may thrive. This is what we do!

It’s our day to day FOCUS!



Customer Service

Technical Expertise

We are a well-established, large representation organization with a proven history of success.  Since 1991, we have had in-depth experience with a complete spectrum of accounts from the large mass merchant and department stores to the specialist. We maintain a fully equipped office including customized computer programs that allow us to track all aspects of sales and technical data.  The personnel that make up Cardoza and Company, Inc. have developed an outstanding reputation in the industry, a reputation that has not only been beneficial to us but also the manufactures and retailers that we represent.

We at Cardoza and Company, Inc. have consistently been able to target the appropriate market and position the product.  We work with an established account base.  These retailers are be motivated, show buying potential, are credit worthy, represent the product properly to the customer and must conduct their business in a professional manner.  In supporting and maintaining this type of distribution network, we are consistent in our sales approach and support that base by highlighting product, offering technical assistance and sales training on an ongoing basis.

In this area of intense market share and product competitiveness, it is imperative that the manufacturers too exhibit superior product quality, high performance promotions, advertising programs and marketing strategies.  Manufactures exhibiting these characteristics may command the most high quality support from its dealers, large and small alike.  It is ultimately a representative organization’s responsibility to transmit and implement these policies.  Unfortunately, today’s retailers view many representative organizations with increasing skepticism.  The high pressure “make the sale and disappear” sales representative is a source of constant dissatisfaction to the retailer.  Retailers are becoming more demanding of the representative’s time.  Retailers need a representative organization that they can depend on for consistency in service, attitude and marketing philosophy.  At Cardoza and Company, Inc., adding value to our relationships is our day-to-day focus.

Fostering goodwill for our manufacturers in our dealers’ eyes and unraveling misunderstandings that may develop is key in our day-to-day functioning.  Placing a strong emphasis on the product knowledge, technical training and sales expertise of retail salespeople.  All of these functions influence the “sell through” of a particular product.  We do the best job with all of these.  Our philosophy and business practices have earned us the confidence, respect and support of both retailers and manufactures.  We are unique, capable and ready.  We will do the job.


My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there

~ Charles F. Kettering